U.K. (BASI) – SKI – Performance Analysis and Skiing

During the BASI indoor session, they discussed how they use analysis as an online resource for their membership. BASI started to build their online learning resources after the 2019 InterSki Congress, this was because of the overwhelming use of online learning from...

Australia (APSI) – SKI – Technical Approach

In the presentation Tom Langtry highlighted the APSI skills: Stance, Rotary, Edging, and Pressure Control. These skills work tougher to create the different APSI ski performances that they work on and develop: Skidded, Steered, Carved, Railed, Pure Carved and Mixed Performance.

Meet the Interski Alpine Team (Part 2 of 2)

Interski is just around the corner, only 3 weeks away, and most of the Team are not only getting ready for Interski but are also delivering courses and exams in Japan and Europe through this time- busy, busy, busy! Here we have the final instalment of meeting our...

Meet the Interski Alpine Team! (Part 1 of 2)

Interski prep is in full swing with lots on the go as we finalise plans. In this post you’ll meet the Team Members who will be coordinating and driving a diverse range of tasks pre, during, and post Interski.