Snowboarding Downunder – Moving with Purpose.

It was great to join our good friends from across the ditch Jason Clauscen, Kylie Dwyer and Jon Steel for their on-snow presentation.

Moving with purpose delved into the technical concepts that envelop the foundations of Snowboarding in the APSI. The clinic was underpinned by how moving with purpose ultimately contributes to the guest experience.

We explored three technical approaches:
1. using an up-unweighted movement pattern,
2. creating a re-centre at the transition phase of the turn, and
3. the blending of rotary body movement.

Australia has variable terrain with students and candidates frequently riding in icy and cruddy conditions. Utilising the re-centre approach helps students get closer to the working edge at edge change. This is essential for guests and candidates to best manage pressure in challenging conditions.

Australia uses whole-body rotation with a strong focus on the core. The upper body is slightly anticipated through the completion phase of the turn with the hips and knees aligned with the board.

Australia includes the three technical approaches across Levels 1-4, resulting in greater guest and student success when learning or navigating the challenging Australian conditions.

Claire Dooney
SBINZ Tech Team

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