Presenters: Moritz Böckelühr & Stefan Stark


Support The Next Generation: How do we get kids on the snowboard from an early age on? How can we set up structures to let them and sport grow? We show you how we achieved this with the successful SHRED KIDS program (3rd place FIS SnowKidz Awards 2022). How to get the next generation hooked and what structures have been built up is the topic of the lecture. Afterwards we’re going to experience some real-life examples of our approach on the snow As kids love to play the Experience Is Everything! 



Why is snowboarding so unique?

  • Snowboarding is and remains freedom
  • Unique lifestyle
  • The most versatile way to get around on snowy mountains
  • Is passed on from generation to generation and has come to characterise the youngest snowboard kids and their families both as a sport and as a lifestyle.


Europe’s biggest snowboard youth project

  • Shred Kids is the platform for young snowboarders
  • Learning from snowboard pros from the age of 3.
  • More than being good at snowboarding
  • It’s all about sports in nature among peers, teamwork, special friendships and playful movement and incredible fun while shredding together.
  • Connecting the snowboard community.


In a nutshell:

This unique enthusiasm and fascination which has shaped our entire lives, is what we pass on to the next generation. The origin of our kids doesn’t matter – it’s all about having fun together!


What are the hard facts?

  • The only snowboard platform for kids and families from 3 years onwards
  • 1700 kids have been with Shred Kids over the past 10 years
  • Over 150 kids take part in the regular training sessions
  • 14 locations
  • Snowboard Festivals and Camps in Germany and Austria
  • Founded in 2013 under the direction of Matthias_Tia Baier


How are the Shred Kids developing?

  • From a small, very idealistic organisation to the largest platform for young snowboards in Europe
  • FIS awarded 2023 – 3 place worldwide Snow Kids Awaes
  • Ambition: within the net 3 years community of 5000 kids


How does the future look like?

  • Snowboarding in primary schools
  • Indoor program to build coordinative skills with fun movement games
  • Outdoor snowboard coaching as part of school lessons



We explored the teaching methodology using 4 key skills. These were:

  • Press
  • Pop
  • Grab
  • Rotation


These skills are explored in the first-time lesson individually and then blended with the theory of ‘there is no wrong movement/task’. The lesson is led by the student combined with the creativity of the instructor utilising terrain based learning and apparatus to set challenges to include timing, power, and range of movement. 


The first-time experience and introduction to snowboarding for 3-4 year olds is all about having FUN!! The stoke and encouragement from the presenters to the students was key. When asked about the teaching progression this is weaved into the 4 key skills over the next lessons with the primary focus on creativity, play, and fun. 


As a group we finished the clinic with exploring features on the mountain such as banks, spines, bumps, and open spaces adding playful movements to challenge the group and promote creativity into our riding. In conclusion this was a brilliant presentation and clinic presented by Moritz and Stefan. Germany is creating a positive movement with the implementation of Shred Kids and influencing the snowboard culture to support the next generation as young as 3 years old. 

Written by Claire Dooney