The CSIA presented their technical concept called ‘The Skills Framework’ at the 2023 Levi InterSki congress. (Note: this is an update with some more information from the previous post entitled “The Skills Framework & How It Can Be Used to Teach”).

The workshop was led by CSIA Team Member, MC, and highlighted the shift the CSIA has made to teaching ‘ski to snow interactions’ first and foremost, to help students achieve their skiing goals. The Skills Framework also contains ‘ski actions’ (pitch, roll, turning of the ski) and ‘skier movements’ (edging movements, rotational movements, pressure control movements). Using the Skills Framework combined with the Collaborative Teaching approach is how the CSIA are delivering a good on snow experience for their students.

We used group discussion to agree on turn types and ski to snow interactions. We then in pairs reflected on our ski actions during the run and together discussed how to alter our skier movements to effect change in our performance.

There is strong similarities between the CSIA and NZSIA, their Skills Framework, and our Creating Clarity of Outcome. Both lead the student to understand ski performances first, then using their collaborative teaching or NZSIA’s Seek, Give, Seek, we both involve the student through discussion to work together to progress the lesson towards achieving the students goals.

Overall the Skills Framework seems like a positive and factual move forward for the CSIA in their pursuit to better the Canadian on snow guest experience.

By Interski Team Member, Josh Duncan-Smith