What is Interski?

Interski Internationalwas founded in Arlberg (Austria) in 1951. Every four years Interski holds the world’s largest congress for the exchange of snowsports methodologies and techniques between the member nations.

For over 60years Interski has made important contributions to developing and improving snowsports participation worldwide. Interski has 37 member countries including all the leading Northern and Southern Hemisphere alpine nations.

The six day congress is hosted by different member nations. In February 2019 the event will be held in Bulgaria at the Pamporovo Resort. The Congress attracts the best of the instructing world across alpine skiing, snowboarding, adaptive, telemark and nordic.

The atmosphere at the Congress is very festive. The 2019 event will have a strong Bulgarian flavour with the host country displaying the best they have to offer. The Congress opens with a ceremony in which all national representatives will be welcomed and acknowledged. Each team will display their national technique in all disciplines of snowsports. The sharing of ideas takes place on and off the snow. Most countries will give on- snow workshops outlining their snowsports technique and pedagogy (instructive/coaching strategies). Workshop topics are broad encompassing freestyle, racing, children’s and adaptive.

Less formally, the Congress provides a great opportunity for global networking amongst the leaders in all aspects of the industry. Networking is facilitated by indoor lectures and parties, hosted by some nations, which give them an opportunity to showcase some of their national icons.

Interski provides an incredible learning environment!

Why do we go to Interski?

The NZSIA has been a consistent presence at the Interski congress for over 30 years. It is vital for the promotion and development of our organisation and its members.

As the largest event for snowsports instruction and coaching on the planet, every well-established association needs to have a presence at Interski. This keeps the qualifications from these associations valid and current in the eyes of the global snowsports industry.

As many NZSIA members work internationally, it is imperative that the NZ qualifications remain valid and current in the eyes of employers around the world. To help achieve this, NZSIA and SBINZ send a substantial team to Interski every four years, with the goal of making an impact on the key people in other nations.

Interski also allows us to see what is happening at the forefront of snowsports teaching technique and broadens the knowledge of our technical experts. This knowledge filters through to our trainers and members ensuring New Zealand’s Snowsports guests have the best experience possible.

Essentially, attendance at Interski is highly valuable to the on-going evolution of NZ teaching methodologies, whilst the exposure provided at the Congress is integral in maintaining international recognition of our qualifications and reciprocal employment opportunities in the northern snowsports nations.

We are by no means the biggest team at Interski, with many European nations sending teams of 50-100 instructors, presenters and athletes, however we are usually the biggest Southern Hemisphere team, which says a lot for little ol’ New Zealand!

A Selection of Images from the past two Interski Congress’ in Argentina and Austria