Interski prep is in full swing with lots on the go as we finalise plans. This includes a short training camp in Switzerland enroute to Levi, plus of course prepping all the presentations, show runs, the clinics/presentations we attend and more for Levi itself!

In this post we have the members of the Team who will be coordinating and driving a diverse range of tasks pre, during, and post Interski. In our next post, you will meet our Skiing Demonstrators and Presenters who are key in showcasing the NZSIA’s ski techniques and teaching methodologies at Interski.


Here’s a short snapshot of what these first 3 team members are looking forward to as they head towards Interski 2023:



I am very excited to be heading to Finland for the 2023 Interski congress. After attending the 2019 Interski in Bulgaria as an Alpine team member it is exciting to be attending as the President of the NZSIA .

The congress will be a great opportunity to network with other delegation leaders. The world has changed a lot since Bulgaria and all nations have faced significant challenges. It will be an opportunity to share experiences and discuss ideas as Snowsports moves into the future.

As a team we are working hard to put together our workshops and indoor presentations on a range of topics. I am proud of the significant development in our organisation since the last congress and look forward to sharing these developments with the world.



I am incredibly humbled and proud to be a part of the 2023 NZSIA Interski Team. It has always been a dream of mine since I entered the NZSIA as an eager high school kid, just a few years back. 😉

I’m really looking forward to networking and connecting with other organisations to showcase the NZSIA by creating even greater awareness and understanding of our organisation. This will help further grow our presence as our Southern & Northern Hemisphere operations ramp back up post pandemic.

The opportunity to develop and grow our organisation through listening, watching, and knowledge sharing at Interski is unparalleled. It will be such a privilege to bring these learnings back to the membership.

As for personal hopes? I’d be stoked to see the Northern lights…but if not, Reindeer are also high on the list!



Being selected to represent the New Zealand Snow Sports experience in Levi, Finland 2023, is a major honour.

This Interski, I won’t be demo skiing (injury rehab is coming along nicely though). I will be sharing my unwavering stoke of being an NZSIA member, examiner, and ambassador along with my delight in working for the NZSIA and all that we contribute to our members and the worldwide ski industry.

It’s also going to be fun sharing the NZSIA technical and teaching pedagogy plus the progress of our new teaching model which we first introduced at the last Interski in Bulgaria. Watch that space!

I look forward to working alongside our other Interski Team members in exposing the NZSIA + SBINZ + Adaptive + Telemark/Cross Country expertise in technical and teaching pedagogy to the world.

I also look forward to coming home and sharing our developments and everything we learn from other nations’ presentations during our NZ 2023 season.




Report written by Yolinde (Yoyo) Magill, member of the NZSIA Interski Alpine Team