Ski Teach Team + Interski Team - Mt Hutt 2022



The NZSIA Ski Division is stoked to announce the 2023 Interski Team as we head towards Levi, Finland in March 2023!

Those on the Team are:
• Campbell Mason
• Harry McFadden
• Josh Duncan-Smith
• Felix Lempriere
• Daniel Bogue
• Sarah Walls
• Yolinde Magill

The Ski Division Team composition has been set up to be diverse, including 4 for on snow and presentation, 2 more to help enhance the team further, plus the NZSIA President.

A team of 4 was first selected based on their merits demonstrated as members of the NZSIA Ski Technical Team (this is the first 4 in no particular order on the list above). The purpose of this core group is to showcase the NZSIA ski technique on snow in Levi, and to present the NZSIA in the context of Interski’s theme, “The Guest Experience is Everything”. They are also going to be seeking out new and innovative information that can be shared to help the NZ Snowsports industry keep growing, developing, and inspiring Snowsports participants from grassroots to high end skiers.

The selection of this part of the team was done by a panel of 5 – with 4 from the Ski Division (Scott Dagg, Stephanie Brown, Dave Taylor and Yolinde Magill) plus one from the Snowboard Division/Board (Glenn Bradley). They then selected the 4 based on a variety of attributes and skills including:

• Knowledgeable in NZSIA & NZ Snowsports Industry- past and future
• Exceptional presenters
• High level skiing
• A mix of experienced Interski team members and new team members
• Represent NZ system to the highest calibre
• Ideally Diverse (eg. female etc.)
• Ideally a Kiwi in the team

From there the Board convened towards the end of this past winter and nominated 2 more people from the Ski Division to the team to make up the diversity in regards of knowledge, backgrounds, value added to the Team, plus skills and attributes that would help set up a great functioning team that can bring value to the membership. This was Yolinde Magill and Sarah Walls.

2023 Interski Theme: “The Guest Experience is Everything”

All of the Team are now working away diligently on all aspects of the preparations for Interski (check out the video below for some of the ski training). This includes designing some presentations to dazzle the Snowsports world with how we create amazing guest experiences down under in NZ. So watch this space as we will be sure to put out info on individual Team members and more in the build up to Interski 2023!


Report written by Yolinde (Yoyo) Magill, member of the NZSIA Interski Alpine Team