The APSI presented their technical philosophy at the 2023 Levi InterSki Congress.

In the presentation Tom Langtry highlighted the APSI skills: Stance, Rotary, Edging, and Pressure Control. These skills work tougher to create the different APSI ski performances that they work on and develop: Skidded, Steered, Carved, Railed, Pure Carved and Mixed Performance. He explained how the skills are blended together and altered to suit terrain and performance intention.

We explored this throughout the presentation by primarily skiing in pairs, the lead skier was tasked with altering their ski performance by blending skills differently to challenge the following skier, who would have to adjust to stay in time and sync.

The APSI analyse the width of the ski track to identify which ski performance is being achieved.

They are looking ahead to figure out how they can assess a ‘Mixed Performance’ turn within their examining process.

Overall the technical philosophy presented at the Levi InterSki Congress 2023 is the same as the philosophy presented at the 2019 Bulgarian InterSki Congress. This positively shows a consistent technical belief the APSI are working with for their membership and their courses.


By Interski Team Member, Josh Duncan-Smith