With Interski Levi underway, the skiers have been busy not only delivering workshops to spread the word on some of NZSIA’s core concepts and techniques but also attending workshops, keynotes, indoor lectures, show runs, demonstrating, and creating new connections with organisations from across the globe. So far it has been a fantastic event that has been extremely well organised with an amazing venue, great snow, and lots of fabulous people!

As we look forward to the coming days, filled with more great workshops and show runs, we have the first of many blogs below from the Interski Team here in Levi. In this blog you will find out some of the information shared at the Canadian workshop attended by NZSIA Interski Team Member, Campbell Mason:

Providing the best Guest Experience for any skier requires care and attention to two important relationships – the ski and the snow, and the teacher and the learner. This workshop focused on the former – The CSIAs Skills Framework in freestyle and snow park environments.

Built on science, it provided a foundation for common understanding when observing, assessing and developing skiers. CSIA is based on the skills framework for developing skills. This can be used when developing a skier in many aspects, this workshop focused on how it can be used in a freestyle and free ride situation. The video below outlines the framework as a whole and how it can be applied to learning and teaching.



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