During the BASI indoor session, they discussed how they use analysis as an online resource for their membership.

BASI started to build their online learning resources after the 2019 InterSki Congress, this was because of the overwhelming use of online learning from most of the other nations. This online resource was developed substantially over the COVID19 pandemic lockdowns.

BASI has a TIED teaching model that they use as their framework for delivering analysis.

They use online analysis as a tool to up skill their instructors, the online course counts as credits towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days to keep their membership current.

BASI ask candidates to discuss 4 topics during their analysis:
1) What was the task? – enter stand and specific task, snow conditions and terrain
2) What information do you have? – Video, trainer…do you need more or different information?
3) Evaluate – How does it compare with your template of the task in terms of outcome? Which of the performance threads are relevant? What would you change in the threads?
4) Develop – What changes will you address first? What thread is this? How will you do it? How will you gather further information next time? Next time what will you evaluate more specifically?

During the BASI on snow session Trainers Tom Waddington and Sega Fairweather ran a session on their Level 4 criteria and how they train and access the standard. They demonstrated this using their short turns.

The clinic was well run and explained how BASI trains Inputs and Outputs to work towards a successful goal.

The below video will show you the BASI Level 4 standard in short turns and to view the BASI Level 4 technical standards which they call Performance indicators and Actions document click the link below.

By Interski Team Member Harry McFadden and Josh Duncan-Smith