Presenters: Renelle Mortimer & Charlie Laine

The British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) is the association responsible for the training and licensing of professional snowsports instructors in the UK. BASI courses are aligned to the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF), credit rated by the University of Edinburgh. BASI continues to deliver courses across Europe and around the world.

BASI is continually striving to be a more inclusive association. Renelle and Charlie shared how BASI has changed over the past ten years and what they are doing to improve. They also discussed female participation in snowsports.

Shared findings include: What inequity and exclusion look like in our BASI culture.

Gender representation

Exclusion via ‘social norm’ passive aggressive Type Behaviour
Everyday sexism
Behaviour – Micro aggressions
Generational differences
Queen Bee Syndrome

Social Economic Diversity
Neuro-diverse and Neuro-normative

How BASI implemented changes.

What worked:
Male allyships
Maternity policy

What was less successful:
Facebook group
Women only camps

We had great conversations with the sharing of female specific initiatives from other nations. We look forward to keeping in touch with Renelle and Charlie with their learnings and thank them for the work they are doing and sharing their experiences, to overall enhance the guest experience.

Check out the pictures below for what the future holds for BASI, the BASI Strategic Plan: By the end of 2025, and BASI Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) for end of 2025.

Written by Claire Dooney
SBINZ Tech Team