Teaching Teachers To Teach – Reviewing Skills

It was day 1 and I went to the BASI workshop that was around teaching teachers to teach and the value of using a review process.

It was set up around one trainer (Ben) taking 6 students who volunteered from the group that were a mixture of demo team skiers and delegates. He worked through a teaching process as if he were in a Level 3 exam.  The other BASI presenter, Lesley, led the group around with her, and she acted as a teaching reviewer.
Essentially, she stood back like a normal examiner would and let the class flow while at the same time taking notes for feedback.

Reviewing Skills BASI workshop ran by Ben

At the completion of the session Lesley became the facilitator for the feedback and review where initially she asked Ben to take a few minutes to reflect on what he had just done while she talked to the students about their experience.

The skill of the reviewer Lesley was then able to develop a discussion around the teaching and as a result the Teacher receives real time feedback but at the same time may provide some answers as to why he chose to present the way he /she did.

Reviewing Skills BASI worskshop led by Lesley

It was an interesting process and I can defiantly see value in it.

It created an environment where Instructors and trainers become a custom to receiving feedback and as a result will develop into better teachers. Also interesting is that in the same process e.g. a level 3 BASI exam Lesley the reviewer would also be assessed on her ability to facilitate accurate and constructive feedback for the teacher.
It would be interesting if we could implement a similar evaluation process into our exams.

Here is BASI’s own video about thierworkshop

or read all about it from the BASI Interski Website


Dan Bouge