BASI Creating Adaptable Snowsports Instructors

The concept of this On-Snow clinic was about creating an outcome focused system so the instructors BASI certified will have room to adjust with body performance wherever they go working as UK isn’t a big skiing nation.

Outcome Focus: Basically what the skis are doing. Assessment of the skiing exam what to be achieved is specific ski performance but not necessarily the body performance.

On the teaching side BASI has a model called TIED model.

Diagram of TIED Model

Task, Information, Evaluate and Develop. I find that the framework we have and they have are very similar because probably we have lots of crossover instructors within English speaking nations.

Reason of this model is the same as ski performance. Wherever the instructors will deliver the lesson in whatever condition, this framework will help them and guide them delivering quality lesson.

I personally think what’s really good about Interski is this information sharing.

Especially what works what doesn’t work for the organisation.
Why it worked, why it didn’t work. What is the next plan and why.

This kind of information helps up NZSIA to have ideas of how the other nations reflecting on their past and how we NZSIA can apply that knowledge to our own system.

BASI presenter Lynn

As snowsports industry is becoming more global in high speed, sharing information and develop the industry together is very important for the global scale of snowsports industry.

And by attending this BASI clinic it made me realise how we all try to develop similar structures of skiing and teaching.

Watch here BASI’s own video about their On Snow Workshop

Read more about it on BASI Interski Website

Yusuke Inoue