Dynamic Short Turn – Korea Style

The first thing that was stressed was that in Korea you ski with a low stance.

Why ski in a low stance and do lots of Dynamic Short Turns?
The Korean presenter told us because – Average height of men is low – Snow is hard – Slopes are not wide – Short turns are popular.
It was also pointed out that all the Korean Demo Team have adjustable poles. They use different pole lengths for different turns. 95-105 cms for women, 100-110cms for men. Short lengths used for short turns and bumps, longer lengths for GS style turns.

When they said low stance they mean low stance!


The Korean Team then ran us through a number of different exercises that they use to develop these dynamic Short turns.

e.g. poles in your waist/hips

e.g. outriggers (which was quite funny when you turned around to see 40 people all “rigging” at once)


Other examples were given such as “Nike Turns” – where your turnshape had to make the shape of the tick, or edge change in traverse garlands etc.

All the exercises were described and then performed by the full Korean demo team who were there for the whole clinic.

It was empasisied that Korea no longer talk about “up”.  They now talk about “vertical” movement, when this was described to us it clearly means moving lateral and forward.

Once the skills had been practiced then the group were challenged to take it into some tasks e.g. a funnel (upside down Christmas tree)

Then end result was the Korean Short Turn!


Then we finished on the demo slope and got into groups to follow a Korean Demonstrator and try and sync their shorts turns!

The clinic was a lot of fun, simply presented.