“We will show you something you’ve never seen before”
That was an opening line of this On-Snow Clinic.

It was about skis with built-in sensors in the plates to measure the pressure on the skis laterally, longitudinally, and measure the amount of pressure.

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Having sensors in the plates gives you more accuracy of pressure points along the length of your skis.
Disadvantage of having sensor in the plates is its weight the presenter said.
And yes it was very heavy.

Slovenia Elan Ski Clinic

As they showed us at the end of the clinic you can see graphs and parameters. Well designed interface so visually attempting to communicate info as well.

“Who wants to use this?” I’m sure there are always some people who want to try this kind of technology, and as a ski instructor I think of how I can use this technology to improve my guests skiing.
The type of skier that this technology will be very useful for is I guess skiers that have certain kinesthetic awareness, proprioception so that skiers can refine their feeling whilst skiing.

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Elan tells us that in the European ski market there are lot of people who are keen to use this technology, and they say it can help to improve a lot.
I am very looking forward to seeing how this technology will help our industry to improve.

The theme of the Interski was “Future.Snowsports” so it was nice to see some new technologies that everyone is trying to develop.
And it was well presented by Elan.

Yusuke Inoue