After a few big days of try-outs, the NZSIA Ski Technical Team was formed, with 12 people being named to it.

This team will be responsible for the evolving the technical aspects of skiing within the NZSIA over the next 3 years. Many of the team members will be selected to go to Interski itself in 2019, however the final Interski Team numbers is yet to be decided.

The Ski Technical right after selection finished

The NZSIA Ski Technical Team is:

  • Heidi Kynoch
  • Toby Arnott
  • Celine Arnold
  • Andrew Wylie
  • Daniel Bogue
  • Colin Tanner
  • Yusuke Inoue
  • Sem Walls
  • Jon Gass
  • Harry McFadden
  • Josh Duncan-Smith
  • Emilie Tait-Jamieson

NZSIA Ski Technical Team