Last week we ran a tryouts for the “SBINZ Tachnical Team”, which is essentially a group of six instructors/trainers who will work together over the next 18 months to prepare to represent New Zealand snowboarding at Interski in Bulgaria 2019.

This team of six will train and plan together to create both on-snow and indoor presentations, plus riding demos, that can be delivered at the next Interski event. The team will deliver some sample versions of these presentations in winter 2018 at select resorts around the country, here in NZ. Then a final four from this team of six will be chosen to go to Interski itself.

Before we announce the team, we would like to say thank you to our selection panel Dan Bogue (NZSIA Vice President), Scott Anfang (SBINZ Examiner and the AASI National Team Coach), and Ben Clarbrough (SBINZ Course Manager). And a massive thank you to Cardrona for playing hosts on selection day and their continued support with SBINZ events.

Without further ado… The SBINZ Technical Team is…

  • Claire Dooney
  • Josh Taylor
  • Oliver Midgley
  • Leo Carey
  • Richie Johnston
  • Keith Stubbs

But that’s not all… The team will have their own “Coach”, whilst working towards Interski in Bulgaria.

The Coach has been chosen for their depth of experience, both here in NZ and overseas, their previous representation at Interski, and their overall “GC” demeanour.

The SBINZ National Team Coach is Rhys Jones!

Rhys Jones - the SBINZ National Team Coach

Rhys Jones – the SBINZ National Team Coach

Thanks to everyone who participated in the process and we’ll do our best to keep you informed of progress along the way.

The whole NZ Team at the last Interski event in Argentina 2015

The whole NZ Team at the last Interski event in Argentina 2015