Here’s a few words from Rhys Jones of the SBINZ Interski team on their preparations at the recent Examiner training.


Recently SBINZ got together for our annual examiner training. This was a great opportunity to deliver our Interski clinics to the other SBINZ training and examining team.   The clinics were presented for the first time and we were given great constructive feedback.

SBINZ Training Coronet Peak 2015

SBINZ Training Coronet Peak 2015

Over summer the Interski team has kept in regular contact to develop our clinic ideas. As a result of the summer preparations and feedback from examiner training we now feel we are well on our way to delivering great clinics at Interski.  It was also awesome to have new team members Tony Macri and Ryan Thompson involved and great to have them contribute over the last few months.

Here are the abstracts for the two on snow clinics we have chosen to deliver at Interski:

Clinic 1: Safety-Fun-Achievment

In line with the goal of increasing retention in snowboarding lessons, SBINZ is focussing on the student’s end experience to fuel their desire to return for more lessons. One approach SBINZ has been developing is the Safety-Fun-Achievement model. It is highly likely that you have come across a similar model in the past called “Safety-Fun-Learning”. What’s the difference? The student’s end experience; their achievement. As part of this clinic we will be touching on a number of particularly fun riding tasks, looking at recognition and types of “fun” and exploring something we like to call stoke factor.

Come to the New Zealand snowboard clinics, find out how we’re implementing this model down under, and get your “stoke factor” pumping.


Versatility Clinic Presentation

Versatility Clinic Presentation

Clinic 2: Versatility

In contrast with the international perception that snow sport numbers are in decline, snowboarding numbers in NZ aren’t necessarily doing so. In fact, some schools have reported a substantial increase over the past three years.

In recent years SBINZ have aimed to embrace and pursue versatility throughout our system. We believe this is a key attribute in maintaining, and even increasing, snowboard lesson numbers in NZ. In this clinic we’ll be showcasing some of the versatility tasks involved at the upper-end of the SBINZ certifications. We will also be looking at foot sensitivity and how we foster this, discussing why we believe that versatile instructors are so important to our industry, and presenting two of the main models we use in the SBINZ system that are relevant to versatility.

Come shred the mountain with us, try some new things and get an insight into the SBINZ system.

Richie J getting ready for the Style Appreciation Session we'll be running at Interski.

Richie J getting ready for the Style Appreciation Session we’ll be running at Interski.

It was great to get back on snow in NZ and deliver our clinics! We couldn’t have asked for better conditions and we are all thoroughly looking forward to Interski and showing the world what the SBINZ has to offer and how we our trying to develop.

We will keep you posted as to how things go at Interski.