gtryoutswebInterski Ski Squad Named

NZSIA took a major step towards Interski  with the naming of its ski squad in September 2013.

Interski is a four yearly conference attend by all the leading winter sports nations. It provides an essential platform for the NZSIA to share knowledge and promote its qualifications globally. Interski 2015 will be held in Ushuaia, Argentina.

28 of New Zealand’s top ski instructors trialled for the 8 person squad. Candidates were tested for 3 days in all conditions including on and off piste skiing, synchronised skiing, dynamic athletic ski ability, a written submission and a 10 minute indoor presentation. Treble Cone provided the perfect environment to test the skiing and the participants put on a great spectacle. The standard was incredibly high on and off snow and the team selected performed exceptionally in all areas. The ski team members selected were:

Jon Ahlsén

Toby Arnott

Tim Cafe

Ben Darlow

William Boyd (replacing Celine Arnold)

Scott Dagg

Ashley Murphy

Garret Shore

The ski team includes six NZSIA examiners along with two level three certified instructors.