This session covered the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors (IASI) technical philosophies, highlighting how they train their instructors and thus their guests to ensure they have the tools required to navigate the whole mountain. 

By using their Five Key Concepts which are PEAR model, Basic Principles, IASI Skills model, Core Skier Developments and Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition to educate their instructors allows the instructors to be extremely adaptable in all terrain and snow conditions. In turn this allows the instructors to be confidant to teach all abilities in all terrain and therefore deliver a better experience for the guests. 


IASI’s manual comes in two versions their full instructor manual, and a second version they call ‘the mini manual’. The mini manual covers the Five Key Concepts in more depth.

Below is the link to both versions of the manuals:

IASI Manual

By Interski Team member, Campbell Mason