The Canadian teaching concepts presented in this clinic were based around their ‘Collaborative Teaching Approach’.

This teaching approach is very similar to our ‘Teaching Cycle’. Instead of Activity, Analyse, and Adapt, they have: Create an Experience, Assess the Experience and Explore the Possibilities. While the words differ, the concepts behind them are closely aligned with our NZSIA Teaching Cycle.

When we looked at the ‘Create an Experience’ portion, it was highlighted that the desired outcome should be very measurable and observable to the student. Additionally, what the desired outcome will be in terms of the ski/snow interaction is highlighted. This is similar to the philosophies we hold when introducing a task, where we firstly build clarity and understanding around a task or objective when introducing it.

Similarly to our Teaching Cycle, their Collaborative Teaching Approach is also laid out in a circle. However they do stress that it does not need to be navigated in a linear manner, rather you could ‘Assess the Experience’ and then decide to move back to ‘Create an Experience’ by altering the task in pursuit of a better outcome for the learner.

At the centre of their Collaborative Teaching Approach is a circle called ‘Know Your Learner’. This is fundamental to the model and continually assesses the psychological, physical, and aspirational factors of the learner while also taking into account their performance and skill level. When moving through the cycle, Canadian Course Conductors (Examiners) keep these human factors in mind and adjust accordingly in order to provide the best guest experience possible.

Check out the video below for some more info from NZSIA Interski Team Member, Felix Lempriere and CSIA Interski Team Member, Jamie Jack

By Interski Team Member, Felix Lempriere