Four SBINZ representatives will join the NZSIA ski team et al in Levi, Finland ~ March 2023.

Claire Dooney
Guy McCully
Rich Waldie
Richie Johnston

The goal of our team was to have a range of experience and expertise represent the current SBINZ methodology and developments since last Interski – both on and off snow. The selection process was run by Keith Stubbs, Paul Phillip and Ben Clarbourgh.

The process:
1) An expression of interest from three certified instructors and Trainer certified snowboarders.
2) Ride day – a range of tasks from all certifications within SBINZ.
3) Written article: What current trends are you excited about in the snowboard industry?
4) Indoor presentation day – presenting in pairs on some of the topics from the submitted articles.
5) Candidates were asked who they thought would be a good team combo to represent SBINZ.
6) A Zoom call with the selectors to assist their final decision.
7) The team representing SBINZ in Levi 2023 was selected.

Success criteria:
High level of presentation skills – both on snow and indoors.
Excellent knowledge of SBINZ – where we have come from and the vision of SBINZ and how we align with other industry stakeholders.
Competency in SBINZ riding tasks – A range of examining experience across our certifications.
A diverse team with a committee member on board.

2023 Interski Theme: “The Guest Experience is Everything”

Once the team was chosen, it was important that we set our sights on the focus of the conference and find a way to connect our methodology with the theme. We used the winter season of 2022 to create some on snow clinic ideas and present what we had in mind to our membership at the NZSIA 50th celebration in October.

Initially the team comprised of Claire, Guy and Richie – however it became clear that NZSIA thought it was a good option to include more people in our team that had ski industry knowledge. Maximising value from our presence in Levi is important to NZSIA and for this reason, Rich was summoned from the reserve bench! He brings a wealth of knowledge due to his snow school management experience at Mt Hutt.
As we move into the new year, the team will be adding to & fine tuning their on snow and indoor presentations. Topics like our NZSIA App, eLearning, feedback and other tech initiates will be points of interest! Check out our live feed of the last indoor presentation in Bulgaria on the SBINZ facebook page.

Watch this space as we will be sure to put out some more info on individual Team members and more in the build-up to Interski 2023!