Ski Division – NZSIA Interski Team 2019

The NZSIA Alpine Interski Team in Bulgaria 2019 will be made up of seven team members; Sarah Walls, Harry McFadden, Colin Tanner, Josh Duncan-Smith, Dan Bogues, Yusuke Inoue and Jon Gass.

We will be presenting both an indoor lecture and two on-snow clinics…

Indoor Lecture & On Snow Clinic

Past, Present, Future – The NZSIA Adapts to the Future of Snowsports

Join us for an indoor lecture to discover the changes we are making to our instructor training to better prepare new and existing ski instructors in the ever changing and evolving snowsports environment.

Our highly adaptable model retains the strengths of our legacy, milestone-based progression that now integrates E- learning and modern learning theory. We will reflect on the aspects that were successful and those that had less ideal outcomes in the past and review the new model with current and future opportunities and challenges.

This presentation will be delivered by NZSIA Demo Team Members Jon Gass and Sarah Walls. This will be delivered in English with PowerPoint support and no limit on audience size.

A window into how the NZSIA is adapting to the modern snowsports consumer in New Zealand. Join us in an on snow, experiential session highlighting the development of our teaching model. Discover how our course and examination offerings utilise instructor friendly, student-centric decision-making tools by combining existing teaching tools with in-depth technical progressions. This will expand on the information presented at the indoor presentation. This interactive, informative session will have a high level of group participation.

This presentation will be delivered by NZSIA Demo Team Members Jon Gass, Sarah Walls, Harry McFadden and Yusuke Inoue. This will be delivered in English with a maximum of 4 groups. A QR code will be available for content download.

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On-Snow Clinic

Structure with Versatility

Join us in an on-snow workshop where we will outline the on-going progression of our technical skiing model to meet the changing demands of the global snowsports market. Our Goal is to create “Structure with Versatility” this technically focused workshop will use a combination of demonstrator and presenter to showcase our Structured pathway of skills  that will create Versatility.

A good understanding of the forces of skiing, with help us create an outcome where a skiers centre of mass is skilfully controled, the relationship of the centre of mass and the base of support is crucial.

This presentation will share the story of how the NZSIA create the technical concepts involved in Structure with Versitility.
We discovered that is was easier to change our manual then it was to change the law of physics!!

This presentation will be delivered by NZSIA Demo Team Members Daniel Bogue and Colin Tanner. Demonstrators will be Harry McFadden and Josh Duncan-Smith. This will be delivered in English with a maximum of 2 groups and 20 participants per group.

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Indoor Lecture

Aotearoa an International Snowsports Destination

Aotearoa (New Zealand) is the melting pot for our international snow industry as it attracts off-season training, employment and development opportunities for Northern Hemisphere enthusiasts. The recent success of New Zealand on the Olympic stage has been a result of this culture, long term visioning and partnerships with resorts to invest and develop in the facilities we need to produce our own champions. Our athletes start as children and are part of our family of guests that we consider “whanau”. These children go through our Snowsports schools, race programmes, free ski and snowboard programmes and feed into Snowsports New Zealand to support at an international level. This pathway also works for our instructors. Many of our instructors become trainers and either develop in this space or then choose to move to coaching.

Our Olympic coaching team is predominantly made up of instructors that started with the NZSIA and built their foundations. The Snowsports education sphere in New Zealand is integrated and collaborative. This workshop will tell the story of how Aotearoa has evolved into an international Snowsport destination. It will include the journey of developing our own world renowned facilities, Olympic coaches and Olympic athletes.

The Presentation will be led by Bridget Legnavsky General Manager of Cardrona Alpine Resort and Daniel Bogue Vice-President of the NZSIA. This will be presented in English with PowerPoint support and no maximum group size.

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Relevant Resources

NZSIA Video Resources

NZSIA Manual and Course Outlines

The NZSIA Manual is the cornerstone to all our courses and certifications.

It is FREE to download for everyone right here…

To understand the content covered in each of the NZSIA certifications, please refer to our course outlines below…

For more dowloads and info please visit NZSIA website downloads page.

Ski Team

Sarah Walls

Sarah Walls

Sarah aka Sem, is a nomad from Taranaki, NZ.  She was raised on skis at Turoa, Mt. Ruapehu and came to the NZSIA examing team in 2009.

Whilst studying at Otago University…

Read more about Sem.

Jon Gass

Jon Gass

Jon first learnt to ski in 1985, qualified as an instructor in 2000 and has been in love with ski teaching ever since.

For the last decade he has been living the endless winter…

Read more about Jon.

Harry McFadden

Harry McFadden

Harry started skiing at Mt Hutt and Broken River as a teenager.

He started his pathway into the ski instruction world in 2010 after leaving school when he enrolled in…

Read more about Harry.

Josh Duncan-Smith

Josh Duncan-Smith

Josh was fortunate to find his passion when he got his first job in a small ski school in the Swiss Alps in 2011.

Since then, his passion in snowsports instructing has driven him to make… 

Read more about Josh.

Dan Bouge

Dan Bouge

Daniel started skiing at the age of 11 on a school ski trip. He loved it so much he convinced his family that it was a sport they should all do.

Both Daniel and his brother…

Read more about Dan.

Yusuke Inoue

Yusuke Inoue

Yusuke was born and raised in the capital of powder skiing Japan.

However the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, he left Japan 2006, moved to Europe…

Read more about Yusuke.

Colin Tanner

Colin Tanner

Colin, originally from Scotland, started his ski instructing career at Coronet Peak, in 1995.

Since then he has never looked back and has been doing winter seasons…

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